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San Francisco Voters Could See 5 Tax Hike Measures On November Ballot

San Francisco Chronicle-

San Francisco voters could be weighing as many as five tax hike measures this fall, in what will be a test of how the coronavirus-fueled recession influences attitudes on economic growth and whether the city’s big businesses are paying their fair share.

Four of the five tax-increase proposals — which have been placed on the November ballot but could still be withdrawn up until the end of July — were rooted in the pre-COVID days of 2019 when the city was flush with cash, the hotels were packed with business travelers, unemployment was about 2% and the growth of tech companies seemed limitless.

Now the city faces a dramatically different economic landscape: a $1.5 billion deficit over the next two years, 12.6% unemployment and the flight of thousands of tech workers, many of whom are leaving the high-priced Bay Area to work remotely from more affordable locations.

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