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California Lawmaker Introduces Bill That Would Analyze Homeless Programs To See If Funds Are Being Spent Effectively

Enterprise Record-

How much are we spending on the state’s homelessness crisis? Where is that money going? And, is it helping?

Those are the questions Assemblymember David Chiu, D-San Francisco, hopes to answer with a new bill introduced Tuesday. Assembly Bill 2329 would mandate an analysis of all homelessness programs throughout California, as a way to determine whether existing funds are being spent effectively, and what more needs to be done. The ultimate goal is to use that data to create a statewide plan to fight homelessness.

“With over 151,000 Californians experiencing homelessness every night, we are in desperate need of a data-driven, targeted plan to address the moral crisis of our day,” Chiu wrote in a news release. “We need to ensure that limited public funding goes towards solutions that make the biggest impact as well as understand what it will take to end homelessness.”

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