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California To Move Hundreds Of Inmates Off Death Row

Fox News-

California could move 700 death row inmates to eight other facilities within the state where they will be housed with non-condemned prisoners and have access to rehabilitation and work programs, something a former district attorney calls “a slap to the face” to victims.

The move giving inmates at San Quentin State Prison’s all-male death row the option to transfer to other facilities is actually part of a ballot initiative approved four years ago to speed up executions. The 2016 ballot measure was narrowly approved with 51 percent of the vote. It was intended to speed up executions by assigning more lawyers to death sentence appeals and shifting some appeals to trial court judges.

Former San Bernardino District Attorney Mike Ramos, co-chairman of the Proposition 66 committee that backed the measure, said transferring death row inmates was not what voters intended.

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