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California Lawmakers Question Newsom’s Homeless Plan

Fresno Bee-

Some lawmakers and mayors expressed skepticism Thursday over California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposal to give $750 million to state-selected regional administrators rather than to local government to address the state’s growing homelessness crisis, signaling the Democrat may have a budget fight on his hands.

The comments were made at a budget subcommittee hearing that marked the first in-depth hearing on the proposal and came on the heels of a critical review by the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office, which said the proposal does not articulate “a clear strategy for curbing homelessness.”

Assembly budget chairman Phil Ting, a Democrat from San Francisco, said he needed many more specifics from the governor before green-lighting a “$750 million check without a lot of balances.”

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  1. this plan is a bad Bandade for the Problem. you must be able to idenifide each person that is homeless and to what is the main reason to be on the streets. be it mental, education,loss of purpuse, or just having to get away of a bad situation and no place to go or just want to be on the streets because of the freedom of choice. once you figure that out, the transitinal housing and teams of people who can help with the mental homeless, those than can help with education needed for jobs and independent living, and to help those that have juse fell on hard times and didnt prepare and found themselves falling through the cracks and goverment blindness. this is just the begining of the recovery of homeless. and money that is marked for this progect must hit the streets not the pockets of people that will say any thing and do very little or complate the prosses with so many rules that will make it harder to work quickly.yes Housing for low income is great but first you must know what you are working with and be able to give them a good chance to make it past a few months with all resources as to how to handle there money and how to manage there time. being on the streets for any amount of time will change how a person thinks and you will find that there are going to be many you wont be able to help and that is where the hardest choices are going to be in this project. I have worked with homeless veterans for many years and I have prayed that one day that a true plan would come to us to end homeless of those who can be helped. and the big money would go into the mental health issues of the homeless that can’t help themselves. and to those that just want to be without restrictions deal with them as needed but with opertunity as an option. hope this makes sence to people who can make a change and the juice to get it started.


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