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LAUSD Board To Consider Replacing Police Officers On Campus With “Climate Change Coaches”

Los Angeles Daily News-

Sworn officers from the Los Angeles Unified school police department could be replaced at secondary school sites by “school climate coaches” who will help mentor students, and the use of pepper spray by officers on campus could end, if the district’s school board accepts the recommendation of a task force convened last year as the Black Lives Matter movement gained momentum.

Those are just a couple of the items being proposed as part of a larger effort to support Black students, including the adoption of a Black Student Achievement Plan, that the school board will consider Tuesday, Feb. 16, more than seven months after it voted to slash $25 million from the Los Angeles School Police Department’s budget as calls to defund law enforcement swept across the nation.

“We can’t ignore the legitimate concerns and criticisms that students and other members in the school community have about all forms of law enforcement,” Superintendent Austin Beutner said Monday during his weekly message to the community. “No person should feel the presence of a safety officer on a campus as an indictment of them or their character.”

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