California News Recall

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria And Other California Democratic Leaders Compare Newsom Recall Campaign To The Capitol Hill Riot, Calls The Recall Effort A “California Coup”

The California Democratic party held a press conference today in which they addressed the ongoing recall effort against Newsom and compared it to the Capitol Hill Riot that took place in Washington D.C. on January 6th. San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria justified this comparison by saying the recall effort seeks to overturn a democratic election.

All anyone, including Todd, would have to do is look at California’s constitution to see that recalls like the one against Newsom are completely legal and democratic. So why say such a dramatic and over-the-top thing?

Chairman of the California Democrat Party, Rusty Hicks, also tried to falsely connect the people involved in the D.C. Riot with the people involved in the Recall effort. He provided no evidence of any connection between the two. In fact, none of them provided any evidence or specifics.

Tom Del Beccaro, Chairman of Recall Effort, released a statement calling on Newsom to denounce the smears people in his party made against individuals involved with the recall campaign.


Why would the California Democrats come out with this strategy to try and connect these two issues when there is absolutely no evidence to back their claims up? It seems like they have turned to desperate measures to fight this recall, I wonder why that would be..

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