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Former Chair Of The FEC Files A Complaint Against $500K Contributor To The Recall Gavin Newsom Campaign

Los Angeles Times-

The former chair of the Federal Election Commission on Monday filed a complaint against a major contributor to the campaign to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom, alleging that a “shell company” was being used to hide the identities of its donors.

The complaint by Ann Ravel, which was filed with the state Attorney General’s Office and Fair Political Practices Commission, is focused on a $500,000 contribution to Rescue California, one of the campaign organizations supporting the recall effort. The donation was made by Irvine-based Prov. 3:9 LLC.

Ravel said that “dark money” contributions, so called because the identities of the donors are not revealed, are not allowed in California because state law requires the true sources of campaign donations to be publicly disclosed. Ravel urged the state agencies to immediately launch investigations and to use their subpoena power to determine the identities of the donors.

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