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L.A. County Health Director Says Officials Made Mistakes On Coronavirus, Additional Closures Must Remain On The Table


“I’ve said before that additional rollbacks or closures must remain on the table,” said Los Angeles County public health director Barbara Ferrer on Monday. “But at this stage in the pandemic, we believe we have a lot of tools available that if fully utilized should allow us to slow the spread without going back to the more stringent Safer-At-Home orders that were in place earlier in the pandemic.”

Ferrer acknowledged the frustration expressed by some residents at the changing nature of health restrictions as the pandemic has progressed, but said adjustments were made as more was learned about the new virus.

“I’m the first one to admit, you know, how wrong we were when we thought there wasn’t a lot of asymptomatic spread, and how wrong we were when we didn’t think that masking up, wearing cloth face coverings, was going to afford a lot of protection,” she said. “As we move through, I keep top of mind as we continue to learn more about this virus we have to make other adjustments in the future, and that’s just the path that we’re on.”

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