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L.A. Taco Ends Goya Foods Sponsorship Over Trump Praise

L.A. Taco-

Being one of the last standing independent online publications in Los Angeles that are here to cover street level-food, news, and culture stories for you, our philosophy isn’t just to look cool in our “About Us” page, it means backing it up with actions. 

Effective since yesterday at 3:13 PM, L.A. Taco has terminated our agreement for a sponsored post package by Goya Foods.

Our Publisher Alex Blazedale made this decision immediately after hearing about their CEO, Robert Unanue, praising Donald Trump in a recent meeting at the White House. His decision reflects the beliefs and ethics of our tiny but powerful newsroom unanimously. We will not promote or be affiliated with Goya Foods, or tolerate any affiliation with Trump, a leader who repeatedly espouses racism. Anti-racism is a core value of L.A. Taco and one we strive to uphold at every level of the company. 

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