California News

Newsom Sends Armed “Strike Team” To Shut Down Santa Clara County Restaurants


About 200 state inspectors that are part of new “strike teams” set up by California Gov. Gavin Newsom are fanning out over the weekend to enforce rules — and encountered trouble in the Santa Clara County city of Morgan Hill.

At a news conference Saturday, Mayor Rich Constantine slammed the appropriateness of armed officers with the state’s Alcohol Beverage Control who visited at least a dozen restaurants Friday night and ordered them to close.

Constantine said he doesn’t know why the agents ordered the restaurants to close when they are allowed to operate outdoors. The strike team did not cite anyone, but they were “heavy-handed” and did not explain what the restaurants were doing wrong, he said.

“We can’t even get ahold of anybody in the governor’s office, and we’re the government,” Constantine said. “The county attorney, our city attorney all have been trying to get an answer so we can get our businesses a definitive answer.”

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