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San Francisco School Board Votes To Cut Ties With SFPD, Abolishes Armed Law Enforcement In Schools And Declares Schools A Sanctuary From Law Enforcement

The California Right-

Last night, the San Francisco School Board voted to cut ties with the SFPD. Also Included in the resolution was a much harsher Anti-Law enforcement stance than just simply “defunding the police”.

In resolution 206-23A3, the school board declares their schools “a sanctuary space from Law Enforcment.” It also directs the Superintendent and all staff to not cooperate with federal, state, and local law enforcement on school campuses. It also directs staff “to do everything legally possible to protect children from engaging with law enforcement.”

The resolution also goes on to say the board will not renew its memorandum of understanding with the SFPD, meaning they can no longer provide services at the schools.

The school board also says it will not allow armed presence of any kind on school grounds because it makes the environment feel like a prison. If law enforcement is needed on school grounds it will be limited as much as possible to adults and also has to be scheduled before or after school.

The resolution also directs the Superintendent to reallocate any funds previously used for law enforcment services, and direct them to “student support services” such as social workers and psychologists.

The resolution then goes on to direct the Superintendent to lead a process to revise the District School Safety Plan with community input and “without the current level of reliance on law enforcement.”

The board goes on to talk about more social programs for students as well as encouraging the City of San Francisco to defund the police.

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