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California Judge Suspends Newsom’s Executive Order That Tells Counties How To Conduct A Vote By Mail Election This November

Fresno Bee-

A California judge on Friday suspended an executive order from Gov. Gavin Newsom that tells counties how to conduct a vote-by-mail election this November, temporarily blocking one of the emergency measures Newsom issued because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The setback to Newsom in Sutter County Superior Court may be short-lived. State lawmakers this week advanced bills that would effectively do what Newsom ordered in directing counties to send mail-in ballots for the upcoming election.

“COVID is not going to be gone by November,” said state Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, during a lengthy Thursday Senate floor debate on the mail-in-ballot proposal Assembly Bill 860. “We need to ensure that we protect the foundation of democracy, which is the ability for everyone to vote. And we need to do it in a way that will ensure the health and safety of the people of California, of the voters.”

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