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California Senate Budget Deficit Plan Rejects Most Of Newsom’s Cuts


The California Senate’s plan to make up the state’s estimated $54.3 billion budget deficit rejects Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed cuts to public education and health care programs — and instead takes more money from reserves and delays billions of dollars in payments to school districts.

Newsom’s plan would impose billions of dollars in permanent cuts to K-12 public schools and community colleges if the federal government does not send the state more money to help weather the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus. School districts have said the cuts would prompt massive layoffs, school closures and delay fall reopenings.

The Senate’s plan, unveiled late Wednesday, rejects those cuts. Instead, lawmakers would delay about $9 billion in payments to public schools for one year. That means school districts could go ahead and spend the money by borrowing or tapping their savings accounts and the state would reimburse them later.

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