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California’s State Superintendent Tony Thurmond Says $500M Needed To Give Internet Access To All Students

CBS Bay Area-

The state of California will need at least $500 million to ensure all students across the state have Internet access and the technology required for at-home education during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond said Wednesday.

According to Thurmond, about 600,000 students in California are in need of a computer or tablet and as many as 400,000 students lack Internet access at home. Thurmond said the state wouldn’t discriminate in reaching that total, whether the funds came from a federal stimulus package or philanthropic internet service providers.

“You can just break it down into small parts,” Thurmond said in a Wednesday morning briefing on the so-called “digital divide.” “That means 100 companies that make a commitment of at least $5 million to help our students have the success that they need. We can get there in any different way.”

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