2020 Election

Darrell Issa Sues Newsom Over Vote By Mail Order

Sacramento Bee-

Seizing upon President Donald Trump’s recent criticism of states moving to vote-by-mail efforts during the coronavirus pandemic, former Republican Rep. Darrell Issa and four others sued California Gov. Gavin Newsom Thursday over his executive order that all voters receive a mail-in ballot for November’s general election.

The lawsuit, filed by lawyers for the conservative Judicial Watch group in Washington, D.C., alleges that Newsom overstepped his authority with the order and that the governor’s move could lead to questions about the legitimacy of election outcomes and subsequent federal court challenges.

Issa, a San Diego-area Republican campaigning to return to Congress, also argued that the move has forced him to “reevaluate his electoral strategy in order to campaign in the 50th Congressional District.”

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