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San Francisco Health Department Offers Free Drugs And Alcohol To Homeless Addicts During Coronavirus Lockdown

International Business Times-

The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) admits that it is giving free drugs and alcohol to homeless addicts who are in quarantine at city-sponsored hotels. It’s apparently part of the city’s strategy to ensure that COVID-19 positive homeless addicts remain indoors and won’t spread the virus in public.

The city’s health department confirmed that they have been giving these highly addictive substances in a Twitter reply to a former homeless addict, Thomas Wolf, who said that they are enabling those in quarantine.

“These harm reduction-based practices, which are not unique to San Francisco, and are not paid for with taxpayer money, help guests successfully complete isolation and quarantine and have significant individual and public health benefits in the COVID-19 pandemic,” the SFDPH Twitter account posted.

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