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Barbershop Owner In Marysville Remains Open Amid Coronavirus Restriction, Signs Citation With “‘Reserve all rights. USA.’

FOX 40-

While local officials in smaller communities are clamoring for the governor to reopen businesses, some are ignoring COVID-19 restrictions and opening their doors anyway.

In Marysville, it would look like Uppercut Barbershop is the only shop in town — and in some ways it is.

From day one of the stay-at-home order, the shop has remained open.

“We’re here to stand up and fight for our freedom and our rights and our liberties here on the U.S. soil is pretty much what we’re doing,” said owner Randy Mitchell.

It’s gotten the attention of more than just loyal customers. Last month, it got a visit from police officers.

“They basically told me that I can go to jail and I told them, ‘Take me to jail then,’” said Mitchell. “And they said, ‘We’re not going to do that. We just want to give you a citation.’ So on my citation, I just signed, ‘Reserve all rights. USA.’”

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