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California Democrat Mocks Republican Opponent’s Military Background

Washington Examiner-

California Assemblywoman Christy Smith, a Democratic candidate for the state’s 25th congressional district special election, mocked the military background of her Republican opponent, Mike Garcia.

In a video that surfaced from an online Indivisible day of action last Saturday, Smith spoke candidly with supporters about her thoughts related to Garcia’s time as Navy fighter.

“Did you guys know he was a pilot?…that escaped me,” Smith said.

“Really? I read about it on his campaign website,” an unidentified supporter of Smith’s replied as giggles could be heard in the background.

“A pilot?” A female supporter asked, as more laughter is heard and Smith begins to smirk and laugh as well.

The first male supporter adds, “And of course the clown who lives in the White House he get his endorsements…”

Smith begins to describe Garcia saying, “I texted my team, ‘He’s got pictures of planes behind him. I’ve got constitutional law books — the irony…”

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