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Newsom Approved The Release Of Cruise Passengers Days Before Their 14 Day Quarantines Ended

San Francisco Chronicle-

Even as positive coronavirus test results came back and other tests had not been returned, Gov. Gavin Newsom approved releasing Grand Princess cruise passengers from California back to their homes over the weekend, days before their 14-day quarantines at Travis Air Force Base were scheduled to end, a source close to the situation told The Chronicle.

However, federal health officials charged with overseeing the quarantined cruise ship passengers struggled with making the transportation logistics secure enough, so the idea was scuttled, a federal official familiar with the Travis quarantine and testing said Sunday. The passengers are now to be released on the originally planned dates at the end of their 14-day quarantines, ranging from Monday to Friday, depending on what day they arrived at Travis.

Passengers who spoke to The Chronicle said those who were tested for the virus as long as a week ago will be released before the test results are received.

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