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BART Ridership Falls 50% Over Weekend Amid Coronavirus Fears

CBS Bay Area-

BART ridership officially fell more than 50 percent over the weekend as riders avoid public transit amid fears of the coronavirus.

Saturday’s ridership totaled 58,187, down 61 percent compared to an average Saturday in February, when it was 149,954. Sunday ridership, at 37,006, was also down 61 percent compared to an average Sunday in February, when the agency tallied 94,762 riders. The agency has now recorded cascading ridership losses 11 of the last 14 days.

BART ridership fell 5 percent March 2 and surpassed 20 percent March 7, 30 percent March 10 and 40 percent March 12. BART officials have indicated that they will continue regular service until directed otherwise by state and local health officials.

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