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California Voters Reject Hundreds of Local Tax Measures

Press Enterprise-

California voters across the state were presented with 237 local tax and bond measures on March 3.  Perhaps reflective of a shift in how accommodating Californians are willing to be for such measures, based on preliminary numbers, more than half of those measures have been rejected, according to the California Taxpayers Association.

It should be apparent to any taxpaying Californian that, in fact, we are highly taxed as it is.

That’s precisely the reason that, year after year, state and local governments alike boast of record new revenues.

But at the same time, there always seems to be yet another push for allegedly “vital” new taxes to stave off calamity, help “the children” and pay for the sort of basic services one might hope would already prioritized by all the money taxpayers are already paying.

There’s good reason to believe Californians have grown tired of this routine.

Last year, the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California found that 60 percent of adults and 63 percent of likely voters in California believe they pay more in state and local taxes than they should.

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