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Survey: Bay Area Residents Less Happy Than Last Year

NBC Bay Area-

Housing, traffic and the climate are all among the things making people who live in the Bay Area very unhappy these days, enough to think about moving.

Even though some studies say the Bay area is one of the healthiest, happiest places around, one local survey says there’s lots of issues.

“I think traffic is out of control,” said Jessica Heinzer from San Jose. “After twenty years, it’s gotten worse.”

Traffic is bad, but according to a survey by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the Bay Area News Group, the housing situation is worse.

“The housing prices, for sure, being a young professional, it’s kind of unattainable,” said Traci Pickering from San Jose.

The survey says 89% of Bay Area residents call homelessness the biggest issue. Followed closely by housing prices, the high cost of living, traffic, and environmental concerns.

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