California News

PG&E Union Pushes Back Against Bernie Sanders Call For Public Take Over

San Francisco Chronicle-

Pacific Gas and Electric Co.’s main union is pushing back forcefully against efforts to make the company, which is currently owned by investors, controlled by the public instead — something Sen. Bernie Sanders, state Sen. Scott Wiener and the city of San Francisco have proposed in various forms.

Most recently, IBEW Local 1245 shot back at a political advertisement from Sanders that criticized PG&E for its role in causing deadly wildfires. The union, which represents about half of PG&E’s 23,000 employees, released its own video in response, criticized Sanders’ endorsement of a public takeover, saying it would be prohibitively expensive and misguided.

Tom Dalzell, the union’s business manager, noted in the video that his labor group represents not only PG&E employees but also workers at numerous publicly owned utilities in Northern California.

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