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Taxi Drivers Push To Restore Curbside Pickup At LAX

Daily Breeze-

Taxi drivers flooded the hallways to Mayor Eric Garcetti’s City Hall office and the council chamber on Wednesday, Feb. 12, to demand the city allow cab drivers to resume curbside pickups of passengers at Los Angeles International Airport.

Since the implementation of the LAX-it lot in October, which lumped taxi drivers into the same pickup area as ride-hailing services like Lyft and Uber and prohibited them from terminal curbside pickups, cabbies said it has been devastating to the city’s taxi industry. Taxis can still drop off passengers curbside at LAX terminals.

About 1,100 taxi drivers and constituents signed a newly filed petition to let them go back to picking up passengers at curbside. Dozens of taxi drivers came to the City Council meeting wearing bright-yellow shirts with “Mayor…Do the right thing, SAVE OUR JOBS!” emblazoned on the front.

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