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Bernie Sanders Goes After PG&E In Campaign Ad

San Francisco Chronicle-

As Californians vote by mail and prepare to cast ballots in person during the state’s March 3 Democratic presidential primary, Sen. Bernie Sanders is sharpening his criticism of an often-controversial business: Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

The Sanders campaign is distributing a nearly 3-minute video assailing PG&E for its role in recent wildfires. In the digital advertisement, several activists, a survivor of the 2018 Camp Fire and others lambaste the San Francisco energy company.

Speakers describe PG&E as being “caught in a death spiral” and blame it for “decades of negligence.” Sanders is seen walking through the burned remains of Paradise (Butte County) toward the end of the video as his supporters champion the Vermont senator’s proposed Green New Deal — and indicate they want the investor-owned PG&E to become a publicly owned utility.

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