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POLL: 37% Of California Democrats Favor Replacing Private Healthcare System With Medicare For All

The Sun-

It’s 2020, the Iowa caucus is weeks away and California’s March 3 presidential primary is just around the corner. Health care reform continues to be a major topic in the Democratic presidential race, with eight out of 10 likely Democratic primary voters in California saying health care is a top priority, according to a recent University of California-Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll.

But, perhaps surprisingly, 57 percent of the state’s likely Democratic primary voters tell Berkley IGS that they favor incrementally changing the existing private health care system while just 37 percent want to replace the private system with a single-payer Medicare for All system.

Many of the leading Democratic candidates, including Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, have pushed the less popular Medicare for All approach, which comes with serious risks for those in need of timely health care.

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