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800K Californians To Lose Power

For millions of liberal Californians, especially those living in the immediate proximity of Berkeley, socialism is always and only the answer. And while we doubt they would voluntarily move to Venezuela to personally experience the fruits such a regime brings, especially in its final stages, nearly 1 million Californians are about to enjoy one of the biggest benefits of living in a socialist regime: lack of electricity.

Nearly 800,000 customers of bankrupt utility PG&E will lose power starting just after midnight as the embattled utility launches a (long-overdue) effort yet to avoid starting a wildfire in extremely dry and windy weather.

On Tuesday, PG&E said that it will proceed with the massive outages it has been considering this week, and adding 200,000 additional customers into the mix. Shutoffs will take place in every county in the Bay Area except San Francisco and will also occur in some of the far northern and southern corners of PG&E’s service area, reaching 34 counties, which means that San Franciscans will still be able to see when they are about to walk into human shit on the street.

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