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SCOTUS Rules In Favor Of Ohio’s ‘Use IT Or Lose It’ Voting Policy


The US Supreme Court has ruled that Ohio’s efforts to remove names from its voter rolls, in what has been dubbed a “use it or lose it” voting policy, does not violate federal law.

 The ruling was 5-4, with the court’s conservative justices in the majority, while the four liberal justices dissented. The majority said that Ohio’s policy does not violate the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which prohibits states from wiping the names of people from voter rolls for failing to vote.

Ohio purges its voter rolls more aggressively than any other state. If a person skips voting in a single federal election, they will be sent a notice. If they fail to respond to the warning and do not vote within the next four years, their name will be removed from the voting register. It is part of a process that aims to identify people who have moved residences and are no longer eligible to vote.

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