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Garcetti Wants To Prioritize 28 Transportation Projects Before The 2028 Olympics


Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Board of the LA Metro have plans to build dozens of public transportation projects and enhancements through 2041, funded by voter-approved Measure R and Measure M countywide sales tax increases.

The Sepulveda Pass was first graded in the 1920s; paved in the 1940s; expanded into eight lanes in 1962; and then widened to ten lanes in 2014. As L.A.’s most congested roadway with 300,000 cars a day, urban planners had hoped to introduce light rail in the late 2030s.

But after Los Angeles was awarded the 2028 Summer Olympic Games, Mayor Garcetti began previewing what he calls the “Twenty-eight by 28” initiative to prioritize completion of 28 major transportation projects before the opening of the Games.

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