California News

California Panel Rejects Government-Run Health Care

San Francisco Gate–  State lawmakers studying improvements to California’s health care system on Tuesday rejected on a plan popular with Democratic activists to give everyone in the state government-funded health care, saying a “single-payer” plan would need extensive work to become viable.

The lawmakers instead released a report recommending a variety of ways to lower health care costs and reduce the ranks of the uninsured. It said creating government-run health care would be a long-term endeavor requiring new money and legislative staff and that such a plan would likely require approval from California voters and Congress.

Single-payer health care has become a rallying cry for many on the left, who have advocated for lawmakers to quickly boot health insurance companies from California. Democratic Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon angered backers of such a plan last year when he shelved a single-payer bill, SB562, which he called woefully incomplete. It’s poised to be a flashpoint in the race for governor among the Democratic candidates.

 The report was prepared by two University of California professors and a private consultant at the behest of an Assembly committee created last year by Rendon under pressure from critics after he chided the single-payer bill for lacking a way to cover the $400 billion cost.

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