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Kevin Kiley

Kevin Faulconer

Photo by: Gage Skidmore

Doug Ose

  • Website
  • Experience
    • U.S. House of Representatives (1999-2005)
    • Ran For U.S. House of Representatives In 2014
    • Announced Run For Governor In January of 2018 but decided it wasn’t the right time a month after.
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Larry Elder

John Cox

Photo by: Tommy Lee Kreger

  • Website
  • Experience
    • Ran to be a Delegate at The Democratic Convention In 1976
    • Ran For U.S House Of Representatives In Illinois In 2000
    • Ran For U.S. Senate in Illinois In 2002
    • Ran For President In 2008
    • Ran For Governor In 2018
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Caitlyn Jenner

Photo by: Web Summit

Notice To Candidates From CA SoS


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