The California GOP Needs To Change

The California GOP has elected its new leader and the first thing they chose to highlight was that she was a woman and a latina. This goes to show that They have learned absolutely nothing from the 2018 midterms.

They keep trying to play the Democrat’s “identity politics” game and fail to realize nobody really cares about that nonsense anymore. The only things they accomplish by playing those games are: they discourage republicans from going out to vote and ensure any on the fence Democrats will vote Democrat. The number of registered republicans in California is dropping significantly and they have done/offered nothing to reverse this. The CA GOP refuses to be authentic and stand for something, instead they choose this fake “centrist” facade that almost all voters can see through. They offer nobody exciting, they offer no change to the status quo, they don’t show they’re willing to fight back, and they are too afraid to call out the Democrats on their BS. Gavin Newsom just recently did away with the death penalty even though California voters voted to keep it several times. What did the CA GOP do? Tweeted about it a couple of times then went back to doing nothing. Instead of bringing this arrogant act to everyone’s attention with a couple of TV ads or media appearances, they chose to do what they do best and avoid confrontation at all costs.

The only way Republicans can win back California is to be authentic and be willing to call the Democrats out over their destructive policies/the major issues they’ve created. As of right now the CA GOP is missing all of that and if they don’t fix it now they can kiss any 2020 success goodbye and we’ll be stuck in this leftist dystopia.


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