California Election, 2018

“…I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpations…” 

                                                 – James Madison

What this election comes down to is this: do we want to continue having a government that tells us what to do rather than us telling the government what to do. Newsom will be more of the same, he’s a continuation of Jerry Brown’s tyrannical regime. California was once known as “The Golden State” but now it is laughed at by most of America.

Jerry Brown did absolutely nothing to help this, so why in the world would you double down and vote for a guy who is just going to continue this misery? Newsom wants to use the Governor’s office as a tool for the so-called “resistance” rather than use it to help us eradicate this disaster California is facing. We need to restore freedom in this state, we need to restore economic freedom in this state, and most importantly we need to get this government out of our lives and back to listening to us, the people who pay their salaries. Us, the people who elected these people into their positions. Us, the people who deserve the ability to be able to achieve the California Dream which more and more Californians are giving up on. For too long the people of California have been letting this government get away with fiscal irresponsibility, putting citizens second to people who have NO right being here, and letting problems fester while we have to deal with them.

This election is not just about Democrat VS Republican, it’s a battle between freedom and tyranny. It’s about continuing along this road of despair and misery or changing it up and trying something new. Something that could change the direction this state is heading, something that could make the country respect us again, and most importantly something that could make all of our lives better.

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